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The Staff

Headteacher: Mrs L Davies                           Deputy Headteacher: Mrs C Corry


The Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Davies                      Mrs Corry

Mrs Chesworth               Mrs Gibbons                   Mrs Morrison


Office Staff:

Mrs K Clarke (School Administrator)              Mrs H Chevill (Clerical Assistant)



Mr D Tierney



Mrs L Davidson (Nursery)                            Mrs K Seddon (Nursery)

Mrs C Morrison (Reception;)                        Miss C Donohue (Reception)
Miss M Keville (Year 1)                                Miss H Glover (Y1 / 2)

Miss R Stott (Year 2)                                  Miss M Frith (Year 3)

Mrs M Murray (Year 3/4)                            Mr S Jarvis (Y 3/4 )

Mrs C Chesworth (Year 3/4)                        Mrs C Bullock (Year 5)

Mr N Elliott (Year 5/6)                                Mrs S Gibbons (Year 5/6)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs B O’Brien (Nursery)                              Mrs S Holmes (Reception)

Mrs J Begbie (Reception)                            Mrs M Carter

Mrs M Richardson                                        Mrs D McLoughlin

Mrs J Utratny                                             Mrs G Mills

Mrs H Smith                                                Mrs K MacFarlane   


Mid-Day Assistants

Mrs C Woodcock (Supervisor)                     Mrs D Carter

Mrs D Taylor                                               Mrs J Begbie

Mrs H West                                                Miss A Fouracre

Mrs L McAlister                                          Mrs D Nolan

Mrs C Brookes



Mrs S Lewis       Mrs J Inglis          Mrs J Lee



Mrs F West       Mrs G Irving         Mrs J Lee       Mrs E Cheetham