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14th Jan 2021

Phonics -

Please access the 2 videos for the correct set (see dojo message indicating correct set).


Reading - Please log on to Reading Planet (see dojo message) using your child's login. Here they can choose a book to read from their book band and answer the questions which go with it in their lined exercise book provided. 


English - Comprehension based lesson. See attachment Cat and Mouse. The first part of the document is all about Sam and Misty and we have completed this in class already. Cat and Mouse starts on p19. 

Introduce the title of the text: Cat and Mouse. Ask - What do you know about cats and mice?
Show the text - it's two cartoon strips on p20. Tell the children that this sheet shows two separate stories about a mouse and a cat - discuss each story. The beginning of each story is told in the picture and they have to work out what the missing picture in each story is choosing from the three pictures in the middle of the sheet (dotted lines). They can print and cut/stick (sticking into book) or copy the pictures directly into their books.
They should then have a go at telling the story in the pictures to yourself or someone else in the house. Sample their storytelling to check that they are able to link the pictures and create a story from them. This will be really important for tomorrow's lesson. 

Questions to discuss orally:

• Why might the mouse want to come out of the mouse hole?
• Why does the mouse run away when she thinks the cat has seen her?
• Do you think the cat was really sleeping?
• What do you think happens next?
• How do you think the story finishes?

Then they can answer the following comprehension questions underneath in their books (on p21):

Q1 and 2 they have done (selecting the correct pictures).

3.Why is the cat lying just where he is lying?

4.Why does the mouse step very quietly around the sleeping cat?

5.Why did the mouse look shocked when it saw the cat's ears coming up to the table?

Answers are included.


Maths - We are starting a new unit - Addition and Subtraction (within 20). Add by counting on - Please watch video link and play the game.

The game is the one described at the end of the video - you need the number cards 0-20 and a dice. I have attached some number cards to print (they go beyond 20 so just print what is needed). If you are unable to print, you can write the numbers on pieces of paper instead.

Please record the addition number sentences in your book provided e.g 7 + 3 = 


Religion - Continue with new unit: The books used in Church. 

This lesson is all about the Gospels.

Explain to he children the following information whilst looking at a Bible you may have at home together:

The four Gospels are found in this second part of the Bible, the New Testament.  Show the children the two parts of the Bible and where the Gospels come in the second part.  The Gospels tell the story of Jesus’ life on earth, his birth, his teaching, the friends he called to help him and his Death and Resurrection.

Explain that there are four Gospels, each named after the person who is thought to have written it – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  The Gospel writers wrote for different reasons and different groups.  Use God’s Story 2 pages 52-53 (attached below), to talk about the stories depicted in the thought bubble pictures by each writer, those are the stories you find in that Gospel.   (Matthew – Visit of the Wise Men God’s Story 2 page 60, Mark – Jesus’ friends God’s Story 2 page 66, Luke – Zacchaeus God’s Story 2 page 71, John – The promise of the Spirit God’s Story 2 page 81.)

Check understanding with the following questions:

  1. How many Gospels are there?
  2. What are the names of the Gospels?
  3. How do the Gospels help us?

The children will now focus on two of these Gospel stories spoken about above - Mark and Matthew (attached below). 

The children can read them and try to re-enact them with someone at home. Please take photos to stick in their book. Do not worry if you are unable to. 

If the children want to, they could also use the Bible to look up the two other Gospel stories mentioned above. 


All resources are attached below. 


I look forward to seeing some pictures of the work the children have completed. Please use the class email address:


Miss Roberts