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15th Jan 2021

Phonics -

Please access the 2 videos for the correct set (see dojo message indicating correct set).


Reading - Please log on to Reading Planet (see dojo message) using your child's login. Here they can choose a book to read from their book band and answer the questions which go with it in their lined exercise book provided. 


English - Following on from the comprehension based lesson yesterday - Cat and Mouse. The children can pick just one of the cartoon strip stories or they can do both stories and the task is to try and write the story that goes with them (a couple of sentences for each picture).

They must try and use interesting story language as well as some exciting verbs from last week. They can add description and adverbs (quickly, quietly, patiently etc). They must also have a go at super handwriting, as well as great punctuation (capital letters, full stops) and finger spaces. I have attached some useful word banks below. 


Maths - add by counting on - video link and worksheet


Computing - We are continuing with the new unit 'Animated Story Books' - see lesson plans attached.

Use the link to log on using your child's individual login. Then complete lesson 2 as per the step by step instructions. Please do not go ahead on to the next lesson as these will be future lessons. When saving work, please save with the date it was completed too. 



All resources are attached below. 


I look forward to seeing some pictures of the work the children have completed. Please use the class email address:


Miss Roberts