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20th Jan 2021

Daily Plan Wednesday 20th January

Find and make number bonds

Find and make number bonds" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo

Religion - This lesson is all about how we listen to God's Word through the Gospel reading at Church. 

Before reading the Gospel account attached, ask the children to look out for the following:


  • What the priest or deacon does and says
  • What the altar servers do
  • What the people do and say
  • How the Book of the Gospels is treated.

After reading the handout, discuss the following teaching points too:


  • The Gospel readings for each Sunday are on a 3 Year cycle. (A, B, C)
  • Gospel: means ‘Good News’; the Book of the Gospels is honoured in a special way because Jesus is God’s Son bringing the Good News of God’s love to everyone.
  • Thurible: is a container for hot charcoal on a chain; as it swings, the smoke and the smell of incense is spread around as a sign of honour and prayer.
  • Incense: a natural gum (resin) which has a sweet smell when it is burned.
  • Lectern: is the bookstand where people read.
  • The Sign of the Cross with the thumb: just before the Gospel is read is the sign of Jesus; here used in a blessing.  One traditional explanation for this action is that listeners may think about and understand the Gospel (forehead), proclaim it (lips), treasure and live by it (heart).

Main activity - focus on last bullet point.

On a footprint outline (attached below), draw pictures and or write sentences for how we can think like Jesus (pray for others, do something for charity), speak like Jesus (say kind words about others, say please and thank you) and love like Jesus (sharing with others, including others in games). 


All resources are attached below. 


I look forward to seeing some pictures of the work the children have completed. Please use the class email address:


Miss Roberts