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6th 7th 8th Jan

Jez Alborough reads Where's My Teddy Eddy loses his toy bear and has to go looking for him in the dark, horrible woods -- where he's in for a gigantic surprise.In thi...

My Friend Bear

A read aloud of "My Friend Bear" by Jez Alborough.For educational purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.Background Music: "'THESE MOMENTS' - Calm...

Rhyming introduction.

The song by Jack Hartman (always a favourite with Nursery!) introduces some rhyming words for the children to sing along to.

Rocco the Rhyming Rhino | Rhyming Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Rocco the Rhyming Rhino loves to rhyme. Rocco loves rhyming words and he gives lots of examples of rhyming words. Rocco gives 2 rhyming words in the beginni...

Maths - positional language

Following from our clip on dojo on Wednesday 6th here are the worksheets and also a powerpoint and some additional home learning ideas. The key to this work is getting the children confident in using the language in their everyday life and vocabulary, so if you wish to interpret the ideas in your own way or make up your own games that is absolutely fine. Games are the best way for the children to learn and the more confident they will become in using a wider scope of mathematical language.

At this stage expectation is that the children can use the words...     

in        on        under          next to        in front of          behind          (beside and between are quite difficult!)


Sounds (phonics) work

September starters: recap sounds covered so far masdtin and refresh p - we briefly looked at it in December.


Some masdtin consolidation games are below.
Sound work January starters