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Friday 22nd January

Lesson 1 - Maths

Today, we will solve division calculations which leave remainders.

Group 1 - You will continue to use the spidergram method to solve your calculations. Watch the video which shows you an example and then complete the practise calculations on your activity sheet in the same way.

Group 2 - You do not have a worksheet today. Instead, you need to watch the video which introduces you to remainders and gives you a series of activities to complete. 

Group 1 - Lesson Introduction

Still image for this video
Examples of division calculations with remainders using the spidergram method.

Group 2 - Divide with Remainders Activity

Work through the activities in this video.

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'Breaking News: Unbelievable Usain Retires' and answer the questions. 

Lesson 3 - English

Today's lesson is a creative writing lesson:

1) You need to watch the movie trailer for 'Night at the Museum' first. You can either then play Mr Tatlow's video or work through the PowerPoint yourselves.  

2) You are going to imagine you are the night watcher in the museum the night everything in the museum came to life! You need to write a diary entry recounting your terrifying experience that night! Come up with some ideas for what the different statues and displays might do using the PowerPoint images. 

3) Read through Mr Tatlow's example and see where the success criteria has been met. 

4) Have a go at writing your own. See if you can hit all of the success criteria in your writing and score a hat-trick!

Night At The Museum Trailer (2006)

English - Lesson Introduction

Still image for this video
Here I guide you through today's lesson. Make sure you have watched the movie trailer first.

Lesson 4 - PE

Kidz Bop - After a busy week, it is time to let your hair down and throw some shapes!! Play the video below and see if you can copy these dance routines. The routines begin at 03:10. Alternatively, you can have a go at Joe Wicks' live workout for today. Just search for the 'Body Coach' on YouTube. 

🔴 KIDZ BOP UK Dance Break

Dance along with the KIDZ BOP Kids! A fun way to move and stay active together!

Story Time - Beetle Boy

Enjoy Chapter 5 of 'Beetle Boy'.

Beetle Boy - Chapter 5

Still image for this video
That's it!! You can now relax! Have a good weekend!