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Friday 29th January

Lesson 1 - Maths

Following on from yesterday's lesson, today you will be counting pounds. This is the second recap lesson from Year 2 before we have a full week on the Year 3 objectives next week. Both groups need to watch the video and complete the activity sheet below. If you find that straight-forward, I have another challenge for you to complete below.  

Count money (pounds)

Extra Challenge

Show three different ways of making each of these money amounts.

1) £12    For example: £5 + £5 + £1 + £1

2) £38

3) £59

What is the fewest number of notes/ coins you can use to make each amount?

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'The Cat in the Witch's Woods' and answer the questions.

Lesson 3 -English

Today's lesson is the final plot point of 'The Secret of Black Rock'. As yesterday - if you do not wish to follow the video then use the completed thinking side sheet for Group 1 alongside the writing side support sheet. See if you can add some of your own vocabulary ideas using a thesaurus. If you prefer to follow the video, then use Group 2's thinking side sheet. 

Jane Considine's Live Lessons - The Secret of Black Rock - Sentence Lesson 9

Start the video at 16:50

Lesson 4 - PE

It is your choice this afternoon:

1) You can complete another dance break video from KIDZ BOP using the video below (or go to their YouTube channel to try out today's dance break)

2) If you prefer a more traditional workout, then visit Joe Wicks' YouTube channel - 'The Body Coach TV' instead and try out today's session. Monday's workout is posted below.

🔴 KIDZ BOP Daily Dance Break

PE With Joe 2021

Story Time

After all that exercise, it's time to chill out and listen to chapter 10 of 'Beetle Boy'.

Beetle Boy - Chapter 10

Still image for this video
Well done if you have made it this far!! You can relax now and enjoy the weekend.