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Friday 5th February

Lesson 1 - Maths

Today, you are going to use your experience of adding and subtracting money amounts over the last two lessons to solve problems which involve calculating change. 'Change' is the difference between how much money you give the shopkeeper and the total cost of what you are buying. You will solve single-step and two-step worded problems today. Watch the video below which works through some examples before you have a go at the activity sheet for your group. 

Both Groups - Give change

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'Dear Adventurer' and answer the questions. 

Lesson 3 - English

Today, you will use your plan from yesterday's lesson to write your story - 'Lost at the Fair'. Begin by looking through the PowerPoint where I remind of you about how to use a subordinate clause in a sentence (Group 2 only) and how to use speech effectively in your writing (both groups). Then read my story which is based on my plan. See if you can spot where I have used: speech, different verbs for 'said', adverbs, time openers and subordinate clauses. There is a separate document of my story below if you want to print and use that to highlight these features. Then, it will be time to write your story. The success criteria for each group is on the final slide. Can you score a Hat-trick? Good luck! I look forward to reading your stories!  

Lesson Introduction with Mr Tatlow

Still image for this video
Have a copy of my story in front of you with a pencil or some coloured crayons. Watch the video and then have a go at writing your story - remember to follow your plan! The PowerPoint slides are below. Don't forget to keep stopping to check your writing against the success criteria after you finish each paragraph. Proof-read your work carefully. Does it make sense?

Lesson 4 - PE

After all that writing, it is time to get our bodies moving to end the week. Again - you can choose this week between the latest dance break video from 'KIDZ BOP' or a workout with Joe Wicks. If you want to join in live with Joe then remember today's workout begins at 9am - Just click on the web link below. Enjoy!


🔴 KIDZ BOP UK Dance Break


Don't forget to log-in to our zoom meeting at 2pm today. The log-in details are on Dojo. I look forward to seeing you!!!


Story Time - Beetle Boy

By now, you should be feeling pretty exhausted from your workout in PE and all the work you have completed this week, so sit back and relax as Miss Seddon reads you chapter 15 of 'Beetle Boy'.

Beetle Boy - Chapter 15

Still image for this video
Give yourselves a pat on the back! You have finished for this week! Enjoy your weekend!