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Friday 9th July

Friday 9th July

Good Morning everyone!! Here are today's lessons!

Lesson 1 - Maths

Today, we are going to be using our skills of reading scales to measure the volume of liquid in different containers. We will be using litres (l) and millilitres (ml). Remember - when you read scales, you must first work out the size of the intervals (steps) on the scales to see what you are counting up in. If you have any measuring jugs in the kitchen, you might want to practise pouring and reading different volumes with some fruit juice. You will then need tp watch through the video and complete the activity sheets below. Group 1 - You are going to practise reading scales showing different volumes. Group 2 - You have a range of problems where you are reading scales and showing different volumes and using your knowledge of volume and capacity to accurately estimate volume. 

Measure capacity (Part 1)

Reading Scales - A quick reminder!

Still image for this video

Lesson 2 - Reading Activity

Read 'The Creature Under My Bed' and answer the questions.

Lesson 3 - English - Creative Writing Challenge

Begin by watching the following animated video called 'Playmate'.


Playmate - by Sen Liu & KunZhan Tao

At the beginning of the story, we see a little boy and his best friend, a toy robot. One year later and the boy has grown tired of his little friend. Although the robot tries to please the boy, it seems like he can not do anything right and the boy begins to mistreat him. 


One night, the boy has a nightmare, and in the dream he is saved by his little robot friend. It is then that he realises perhaps he isn't so bad after all. 


Think about or discuss these questions with someone at home:

What do you think the moral/ meaning of the story is?

How do the toy robot's feelings and emotions change throughout the film?


You can choose from ONE of the following challenges:


1. Pretend you are either the boy or the robot and retell the story.

2. Create a comic strip of the story (there is a blank storyboard below for you to use). You need to create speech bubbles and think of dialogue for the characters as well.

3. Write a short story about the robot on going on his own adventure. 

4. Write an alternative version of the story where the robot toy gets fed up with the boy and starts to mistreat him. Think about how the robot toy comes to realise that the boy isn't so bad after all. 


Remember to use all of the skills you have learned in your writing this year - including impressive vocabulary and a range of punctuation. I look forward to seeing the writing you create. 

Lesson 4 - Art

This afternoon you are going to explore the work of an American street artist, Keith Haring, who is famous for using simple shapes and figures with bold lines and bright colours to tell stories in his art work. Watch the video to learn more and have a look through the PowerPoint, which gives more information about his life. Your challenge will be to create some art work in the style of Keith Haring. You should use bold colours, cartoon people shapes, thick black outlines and movement lines. If you are feeling adventurous, you could make a big picture with cartoon people which tells a story. I look forward to seeing what you create!!

Let's learn about Keith Haring! 🎨

A short history video for children of iconic American street artist Keith Haring.

Remember - you can send in photos of some of your best work for me to have a look at using the class email address:


I will reply and do some shout-outs next week!


Have a good weekend and enjoy the final!