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Monday 1st February

Whole School Assembly

Mrs Davies will be leading a whole-school assembly which will be recorded and posted on Dojo this morning.

Lesson 1 - Maths

Today, you are going to draw together your knowledge of pounds and pence from last week and solve problems with trickier money amounts. Both groups need to watch the video below and complete the activity sheet. 

Pounds and pence

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'The Salem Witch Trials' and answer the questions. 

Lesson 3 - English - Independent Writing - Part 1

Over the next two English lessons, you will draw together all of the lessons you have done with Mrs C. You are going to write your own version of the story of 'The Secret of Black Rock' with a twist. All of the instructions are included in the PowerPoint below alongside the a writing support sheet for Group 1 to use if you wish. You should have completed all 9 plot point lessons in the build-up to this final piece of writing. You will complete part 2 of your Independent writing tomorrow.

Lesson 4 - Spellings

1. Get an adult to test you on last week's spellings list and send your score to Mr Tatlow via Dojo. 

2. Have a look at your new spelling list and complete the activity sheet below. Mrs Richardson's Group can skip this step. 

3. Spend 15 minutes practising your spellings either on Spelling Shed or using a different strategy such as pyramid writing or Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check.

4. Can you put each of the words in to sentences? Practise saying the sentences aloud and write them down if you want. When creating your own sentences, try to use different sentence openers and more ambitious vocabulary (Don't start every sentence with 'I...'). 

Lesson 5 - Religion

In this lesson, we finish exploring the importance of the Qur'an (also spelt 'Koran') to Muslims. There is a video clip for you to watch below and a PowerPoint for you to work through. The task is included in the PowerPoint. 

Story Time: Beetle Boy

Sit back and enjoy Chapter 11 of 'Beetle Boy'. 

Beetle Boy - Chapter 11

Still image for this video