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Monday 22nd February

Welcome Back Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic half term. Here we go again! Mrs. Davies will be recording a whole-school assembly this morning and this will land on Dojo at around 10am this morning, so watch out for that!


Lesson 1 - Maths

We are going to continue our work on Statistics that we started before half term. Before half term, you were drawing and interpreting pictograms. Today, we begin to move on to drawing and interpreting bar graphs to represent data. The good news is there is no activity sheet in today's lesson. Instead, there is an activity video which both groups need to follow which will gear you up with the knowledge you will need to be able to accurately draw bar graphs. I have included a sheet of squared paper if you wish to use it to have a go at drawing your bar charts. Remember to use a ruler and use the squares to evenly space you bars. 

Draw bar charts activity

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'Dear Detective' and answer the questions. 

Lesson 3 - English - Comprehension Session

This half term, we continue exploring 'Gods and Mortals' in Topic linked to Ancient Greece and in today's English lesson I have found another Greek myth for you: Odysseus and the Cyclops. It is about the well-known, one-eyed, giant cyclops called Polyphemus, who is a menace to the hero, Odysseus in the story. There is an animated video for you to watch before you read the version of the text for your group and answer your set of questions.   

Odysseus and the Cyclops | Greek Mythological Story

Lesson 4 - Spellings

1. Get an adult at home to test you on the set you have been learning since 8th February and send your score to Mr Tatlow via Dojo. 

2. Complete Activities 1 and 2 below - Mrs. Richardson's Group can skip this step. 

3. Can you put the words in your spelling list in to sentences? You can do this verbally. 

4. Spend any remaining time practising your new word lists on Spelling Shed. 

Lesson 5 - Computing

In today's computing lesson, we begin a new block of work using 'Logo' on Purple Mash. 'Logo' is a control program which allows you to enter commands to control a pen (known as a 'Turtle') and move in different directions on the screen. You will need to log-in to Purple Mash on a device at home and click on '2Logo'. You then need to watch the first video only and have a go at using commands to draw on-screen and change the pen colour, etc. The task instructions are all explained below. 

Story Time - Beetle Boy

Sit back and enjoy Chapter 20 of 'Beetle Boy' with Mr Tatlow!

Beetle Boy - Chapter 20

Still image for this video