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Monday 8th February

Whole School Assembly

Mrs. Davies will be recording a whole school assembly live with the children in school. This will be posted on Dojo during this morning. 

Lesson 1 - Maths

We are going to begin a new block of work in Maths this week and continuing after half term on 'Statistics'. This block of work in Maths explores how we collect, present and understand data. Data is any type of information and it can be collected in all sorts of ways, including surveys and questionnaires. In the first three lessons, we recap from Year 2 how to collect data using tally marks and present the information using pictograms. The first lesson today focuses on how we collect data using tally charts. You should find this quite straight-forward so both groups can watch the video below and then complete the activity sheet.

Both Groups - Make tally charts

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'The Final Challenge' and answer the questions. 

Lesson 3 - English

Today, you need to return to your 'Lost at the Fair' story from Friday's lesson. First, you need to finish your story. Take your time and stop to proof-read your writing after each paragraph and check you are scoring the goals in the success criteria. Can you score a Hat-trick? The PowerPoint and story example from Friday's lesson are attached below.


When you have finished your story, go back and read through your writing and see if you can improve your writing:

1) Check you have met the success criteria and if you have not - see if you can include what is missing.

2) Look at your adjectives and verbs - can you up-level any of them using a thesaurus to make them more powerful!

3) Look at your sentence openers (how you begin your sentences). Have you used a range of different openers?

4) Check your punctuation - . , ? ! "__" and capital letters (Remember names of characters and places always need a capital letter) - Add any punctuation which is missing.


Use a coloured pen or pencil to show the changes you have made. 

Lesson 4 - Spellings

1) Get an adult to test you on last week's word list and send your score to Mr Tatlow on Dojo. 

2) Complete the Spelling Activity below for the new word list - Mrs. Richardson's group can skip this step.

3) Spend some time practising your new word list using either Spelling Shed or your preferred strategy.

4) Can you think of a sentence which uses each of the words in your spelling list? You can either do this verbally with someone at home or write the sentences down and underline the spelling word.  

Lesson 5 - Finishing off & Catching up!

This is your opportunity to finish off any unfinished work from the past 5 weeks or go back and complete a lesson that you have missed. You may want to go back through previous weeks on the website and select a Science, Topic, RE or Art lesson that you did not complete, and have a go! If you have finished absolutely everything then you can spend this time on Times Tables Rock Stars, Read Theory or Spelling Shed.   

Story Time - Beetle Boy

Sit back and enjoy Chapter 16 with Mrs Chesworth. 

Beetle Boy - Chapter 16

Still image for this video