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Nursery 2020


General activities for sounds.
 In Nursery we start with a focus on PHASE 1 

There are different aspects of General Sound Discrimination

Aspect 1 Environmental sounds

Aspect 2 Instrumental Sounds

Aspect 3 Body Sounds

Aspect 4 Rhythm and Rhyme

Aspect 5 Alliteration

Aspect 6 Voice Sounds

If you haven’t got access to any devices then simple games like

  • a  sound walk around the house/garden
  • placing items out of sight and rattling them can they guess what they are? (a blindfold always makes this more exciting)
  • get them to find things that make noises, can find this tricky as they often suggest things that don't actually make a sound!#


Below are some useful websites.


Phase 2 sounds

for those who have been in Nursery since September.

Letter sounds    m    a   s  d t  i   n (consolidation)

 If you can continue to work on the children recognising the grapheme (letter shape) and saying the sound.  Children sort items that start with the sound next to the letter (just write letter – lower case - on a bit of paper) hunt around the house and garden for things that start with that sound.

Play I spy (a picture sheet is below) if not just around the home any sounds will do as the auditory aspect of this is the important bit.

Singing and finger exercises

Early years Emily on you tube is fab, if you have any playdough at home (the songs can be done without the dough if you want!) These activities are finger strengthening exercises to music, that help with the development of muscles in the hands for early writing.

If you haven’t got devise access then threading, lego building, using BBQ tongs or tweezers to move things from one dish to another etc




Some other websites that are available and offer learning for EYFS children during home learning are...
All the activities suggested above are for you to dip into and out of as and when you can, there are lots there to give you some variety, please do not feel you have to do them all. All children engage at different levels and with differing learning approaches. If you have any queries at all then please contact me, (Mrs Morrison) on dojo. Thank you, stay safe!

Welcome to Saint Monica's RC Primary School Nursery

Our Staff are:

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Charlotte Morrison

Full Time Nursery Assistant: Mrs Bridie O'Brien

Part Time Nursery Assistant: Mrs Diane McLoughlan

Below is a power point with lots of information about your child starting Nursery. If you have any queries please contact Mrs Morrison at school.