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Thursday 4th July - As part of our 'Paws, Claws & Whiskers' topic, today we visited Chester Zoo. We had glorious weather to explore the zoo.

Wednesday 19th June - Today we had a visit from more 'real' heroes. We enjoyed listening about the job of a police officer and PCSO. We especially enjoyed seeing the riot van & riot equipment, sitting in the van and pressing the sirens.

Thursday 2nd May - for our 'Superheroes' topic, today we had a special visit from some real life heroes. They told us all about their job as a firefighter and we got to sit in the fire engine and squirt water.

Thursday 21st March - Today we went to the Z-Arts Centre for A World Inside A Book Exhibition. It was all about Julia Donaldson. We took part in an art workshop, drama/creative writing workshop and a tour of the exhibition. We all had so much fun!

Thursday 31st January - Today we were thinking about which part of the body is associated with each sense. We then used our sense of smell to identify the different scents and described what they smelt like. We then thought about which ones we liked the smell of and which ones we didn't.

Thursday 24th January - Today in Maths, we used Skittles to make arrays. We then used these arrays to draw them into our books.

Thursday 24th January - Today we were talking about the different people in our church family. We were talking about how we share faith & hope and of course love. Each child painted a member of our church family.

Monday 21st January- Today we continued with balances in gymnastics. We were thinking of creative balances where we needed the support of a partner. To make it more challenging, we had less of our body in contact with the floor.

Monday 14th January - Today in gymnastics we continued to look at balances. We were doing balances as a group, but our bodies had to be connected to each other in some way.

Thursday 10th January. - Today we went to explore the Prayer Garden. We identified common wild and garden plants. We rubbed some of the leaves between our fingers so that we could get the scent of the plant.

Tuesday 8th January 2019 - Today we have talked about plants and we decided that they need air, light, warmth and water in order to grow well. We planted cress seeds and we'll observe them closely to see how they grow.

Monday 7th January 2019 - today in gymnastics, the children worked on balances. They learnt that they could make their balances harder by having less of their body in contact with the floor. They experimented with different types of balances such as the pike, stork, straggle and bridge balances.

Thursday 27th September 2018 - We are reading 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson. Today we used the app Piccollage to put ourselves in the story.

Thursday 20th September 2018 - For our topic 'Street Detectives,' today we went on a walk of our local area. We enjoyed exploring Flixton, especially Flixton Gardens

Tuesday 18th September 2018 - we have been reading The Gingerbread Man in Literacy. Today we baked gingerbread men and tomorrow we will be writing instructions for how to make gingerbread.

Monday 17th September 2018 - In Religion we have been learning about the seven days of Creation. We created some art work, where each section represents a day of Creation.

Thursday 13th September 2018 - Today we have been partitioning numbers using the part whole model.

Thursday 24th May - today we performed a simple test to see if changing the shape of play dough by squashing, bending, twisting & stretching it, will make a difference to whether it floats or sink.

Thursday 17th May - As part of our 'Land Ahoy' topic, this afternoon we drew portraits of ourselves. We then turned these into pirates and used pastels.

Monday 14th may - we took advantage of the lovely weather and we had a Maths treasure hunt in the Prayer Garden. We had to solve all of the questions on the blue cards and then we had challenge questions on the red cards to solve.

Monday 23rd April - we are reading The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Today we used the iPads to add ourselves into our favourite part of the story. We had lots of fun doing this.

Monday 16th April - today we had a visit from a pirate ship and enjoyed investigating it to see what we could find out.

Thursday 12th April - we walked to Woodsend Library and enjoyed finding new books to read.

Monday 26th March - today we enjoyed PE outside and working on our football skills.

Thursday 22nd March - we used biscuits to help us count in halves and quarters.

Tuesday 13th March - today we enjoyed a walk to Duttons Pond to go on a minibeast hunt. There was a little rain but that didn't stop us having fun.

Friday 23rd February - this afternoon the children enjoyed skipping.

Tuesday 20th February - we had a wonderful afternoon with Professor Brainstorm, watching and learning from all of his fascinating Science experiments.

Monday 19th February - Today the children started invasion games. They used footballs and concentrated on their bouncing and dribbling skills.

Monday 5th February - Today in gymnastics, the children had to create balances making sure that they had a certain amount of body parts in contact with the floor. They started with 6 body parts in contact with the floor and went right the way to 1 body part touching the floor. They had lots of fun figuring these out.

Tuesday 30th January - Today the children used the website 'Purple Mash' to create their own block graphs.

Monday 29th January - Today in PE we learnt how to do cartwheels and had lots of fun doing so.

Tuesday 23rd January - in Maths we are drawing and interpreting pictograms. Today we used the website ‘Purple Mash’ to create our own pictograms.

Thursday 18th January - We are reading ‘The Cat Sat on the Mat’ by Joan Aiken. Emma, a character, was given a magical wishing mat and she used it to wish for lots of different things, including colourful paints. Today, the children painted a picture that they thought Emma could have painted. We then had a look at Emma’s picture in comparison to ours.

Monday 15th January - The children enjoyed PE with Sam, the Manchester City Coach. Today they focused on balancing and different balances using different parts of the body.

Monday 8th January - Today something magical happened...we saw some fairies in the Prayer Garden. We really enjoyed having a look around.

Monday 18th December 2017 - today we made gingerbread and it tasted delicious. We then wrote instructions for how to make gingerbread.

Monday 16th October 2017 - we have been talking about materials and their properties. Today we investigated which biscuits are suitable to build a biscuit bridge, depending on their properties. We had lots of fun and found it really hard not to eat the biscuits!

We visited Skipton Castle as part of our Castle topic and had a wonderful day exploring the castle.

We have been learning about Paul Klee, an abstract artist who liked to use shapes and bright colours in his work. Today we created our own version of Paul Klee’s ‘Castle and Sun.'