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The Surgery - Today (18th July) the Year 6s in 6E went for a farewell meal at 'The Surgery' to celebrate all of their hard work during the year. The children got to design and make their own pizzas and had a fantastic time!

In our literacy work we have been exploring the character of Henry VIII from a range of sources. We then looked at how this had an impact on the break with Rome and the rest of Henry’s reign. We acted out the story of how Henry’s England split from Rome.

Forces and 'Money-sense' - This week we have been carrying out investigations into how forces act upon different objects. We made paper helicopters and foil boats and learnt about how to work Scientifically. The Y6 children have also started to look at the Money Sense resources, provided by the Natwest bank, finding out about the demands on money and what influences financial decisions.

Sports Day - We had a brilliant morning, competing in a range of events. The children were a credit to themselves, showing a good level of competitiveness but supporting each other so well. We finished with an epic Tug of War event. Well done to everyone.

General Election 2017 - The Results. We started our new half term with a lengthy discussion about the results of the general election and the implications of the hung parliament. We analysed the results in our maths lesson and drew pie charts to show the % of votes received by each party. We also discussed how the system was potentially unfair, with the number of votes received not necessarily matching the number of seats. There were some fantastic questions posed and a really good discussion was had!

General Election 2017 - This week the Year 5 children in our class have been creating their own manifestos as if they were the heads of a party. The children looked at what makes a good manifesto, what they need to include, how they must be able to stick to their promises to gain support and the importance of thinking about how they will be able to offer their policies. On Thursday afternoon the Year 5s presented to the Year 6 children and then we held a mini election in our class. We had a voting booth, ballot papers and election officers. We discussed a hung parliament and what a coalition was, but this was not needed as we had an overall majority, with the CC Democrats reaching the magic number of 15 votes to claim an overall majority. All of the campaigners from Year 5 did themselves and the class proud - an excellent way to finish the half-term!

General Election and Fidget Spinner Maths - Year 6 have been looking at results from the last three general elections for Stretford and Urmston. We used our data to create bar and pie charts and used these to ask eachother questions and also questions about why results had changed and been maintained. There were some excellent questions and excellent discussions taking place, which was lovely to hear and see. We also used various Maths skills to solve the problem as to who sabotaged the fidget spinners, using Maths to crack codes and give us clues so that we could identify the culprit.

The Tudors - It seems only a few weeks ago since we started our last topic, but the children are well into learning all about the Tudors. This week, we have been using calligraphy pens with ink, writing in a Tudor style and learning about school life in Tudor times. In our class book, 'Treason', William is given riddles by his uncle and so we used this stimulus to create our own riddles for eachother, which we then had to guess. The children had me thinking deeply!

Junior Jam - Children spent an afternoon creating a film trailer on 'iMovies', which involved lots of creativity and editing skills! We then came back together and watched eachother's trailers, of which all were to a high standard. Super work all round!

Bikeability - This week, the Year 6s have gained their levels 1 and 2 in cycling proficiency. The children learnt about how to stay safe on the roads and practised the safe and effective way of turning into and from major and minor roads. Well done children!

Future Cardiologists - The children have been planning for their explanation text on the heart and creating their own success criteria for the piece of writing. The future of our medical sector is in safe hands with our Year 5 and 6s. We have also been sketching pictures from various scenes in 'The Highwayman' using different types/shades of pencils.

As part of our work on the heart, we went into the hall this morning and carried out a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session. We also watched a video from the 'Body Coach' - Joe Wicks - and discussed how this new craze is proving to be a popular form of exercise across the world and how it has Scientific research to suggest that it can support a healthy heart. Take a look at some of our pictures.

Our new topic has well and truly begun. The children have been reading the fantastic narrative poem 'The Highwayman'. They have responded creatively with story maps, summarising the story in 100 words and creating/performing some drama for the scene in which Bess was tied up (thinking from the perspectives of different characters). We have also started to look at the internal structure and the functions of the heart as part of our Science and topic work.

World Book Day - 6E were challenged to talk about their favourite book and give justifications for their choices. They could read or recite a significant part of their book, perform a piece of drama work based on it or try to persuade their friends to read their book. We shared our books with the people on our tables before presenting to the rest of the class. We had a range of responses which was so lovely to see: this was definitely one of my favourite days (so far) this year, as the children were all so enthusiastic and presented excellently. I think there could be a waiting list for some books in our class library very soon, as some of our children are very persuasive indeed!  

A collection of our work and activities, so far, this year in 6E