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Home Learning Reception 2020/ 2021

Welcome to Saint Monica's Reception!


Reception Closure January 2021


Below is the week by week guide to Home Learning. We have put a whole variety of resources including videos, powerpoints, games, worksheets etc. We are not expecting you to complete all of this work and it can just be used as a guide. 

We wanted to provide a wide range of activities as all children engage at diffferent levels and with different learning styles.

 We will upload activities each week.  At this age, it is more beneficial for children to have short focused tasks whilst also learning through play. Therefore, we recommend spending around 15/20 minutes on each activity along with the additional resources and games to support children's learning. 


Although the worksheets and activities can be printed, this is not essential and can just be used as a guide to support your child's learning. Maths and Literacy are for all the children to access. There will be extension activities avaliable for some areas of learning.

The phonic/sound work is split into specific groups. If you are unsure which sound group your child is in, please send us a Dojo message to confirm. Please record any work you complete in the Home Learning books and send us any pictures through on Tapestry. We are looking forward to seeing the work you complete during this time. 


If you have any further questions please message us on Dojo. 

Suggested Timetable

Home learning