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Religion and GIFT Team

Please see below for the links to the weekly liturgy services.


Please see our calendar for Lent with ideas for how to "Live Simply" as we prepare for the great feast of Easter.

Life in the Spirit with Mrs Boswell. The children learnt about the Passover meal.

Holy Week Prayer stations

The children have enjoyed learning about Holy Week through prayer, reflection and fun tasks to do.
The children in years 3, 4 and 5 had a willow craft workshop. The children made willow crosses to display in the school entrance. This is linked to our Lenten work and preparation for Easter.

Father Kieren came to give out the prizes for the winners of the parish Christmas card competition.

Mrs Donohue came into 1K to tell them all about the work that Sister Ruth does at the Wood Street Mission.

Our GIFT team are helping to share God's word by leading the collective worship in classes.

Our GIFT team have been helping by selling Poppies for the British Legion.