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Thursday 15th July

Good Morning!!!

It's our final day of home learning!!! Here is what is on today's menu...

A summary of today's lessons...

Still image for this video

Lesson 1 - Maths

In this lesson, we are going to finish our work looking at units of measurement by reading scales which measure temperature. Temperature measures how hot or cold something is. We use a thermometer to measure temperature, and we will be using degrees Celsius (0C) for our measurements. First, there is an activity video I would like you to work through which talks about temperature more generally in our everyday lives. Then, you need to work through the second video, and both groups should complete the activity sheet provided. 

Both Groups - Temperature Activity


Lesson 2 - Reading 

Read 'Granny's First Flight' and answer the questions. 

Lesson 3 - English

Before you were sent home, we had come to the final stages of our class story - 'The Wolves in the Walls'. You might want to begin by recapping the story and summarising everything that has happened in the story so far to an adult at home. Today, I want to finish the story, so here is a video which reads aloud the whole story with the book's illustrations. We had got as far as the wolves about to have their party inside the house! Watch the video first...

Wolves in the Walls : Read Aloud

We had reached Plot Point 8 in the story. Instead of completing the remaining plot points, what I would like you to do is write your own alternative ending to the story. Click on the document below which shows the original ending to the story and your task instructions. Think about how you could change the ending. You will need to describe what the wolves are doing inside the house as Lucy peers through the wall. Think about some ideas for what Lucy could do to get the wolves out of her house before you begin writing. You only need to write two paragraphs. Think carefully about your vocabulary choices (use a thesaurus), and if you are struggling, you can use the ending I have given you to help structure yours. Please bring your alternative endings in to school to share with me in tomorrow's English lesson.  



Lesson 4 - Handwriting Practise

Here are two handwriting practise sheets to complete. As on Monday - Make sure you are sat up straight at your table and you are using a sharp pencil. The sheet shows you to have form this join (ci). Take your time forming your joins and ensure your letters sit on the lines correctly. The size and spacing of your words should also be consistent. If you do not have a printer, then carefully complete the practise in your books. If you're struggling and your hand is hurting after the Focus sheet, then you can stop there. Otherwise, see if you can carry on and complete the Extension sheet, which uses the letter join 'ci' in words. 

Lesson 5 - PE

Today is usually our second PE day of the week! It's time to get your sweatbands on and get you guys Olympic-ready!! For this lesson, I would like you to create your own Fitness Circuit Challenge. I have attached some Fitness Circuit Challenge cards with lots of possible ideas (or you could use some of the Personal challenges again from Monday). You only need to choose 6 of these, which suit the space you have available at home, to have a go at. See if you can work through all 6 of your activities without stopping! Then take a rest for 2 minutes and see if you can work through all of them again!! Since the weather is really warm, have a drink of water nearby and take a longer rest if you need to. 

Lesson 6 - Finishing off!

Have a look back through previous days of Home Learning on the class page, and if there is a lesson or activity you have not attempted, then here is an opportunity to have a go or finish any work you have still not completed. 

That's it!! You have made it to end of Home Learning! We return to school tomorrow. Tomorrow - Please bring with you any work you have completed today and over this past week. Also - please bring in any school reading books you may still have at home. I look forward to seeing you back in class tomorrow!!