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Thursday 21st January

Lesson 1 - Maths

Today, we continue to build our fluency and confidence with dividing 2-digits by a single digit. Watch the video which leads you through examples of your activities and then have a go at the activity sheet for your group. 

BOTH GROUPS - Lesson Introduction

Still image for this video
Mr Tatlow works through some examples of today's activities. and shows you how to use the methods you have already been taught to solve each problem.

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'An Egg-cellent Competition' and answer the questions. 

Lesson 3 - English

The Secret of Black Rock - Lesson 5. Start the video at 20:00 and work through plot point 5 of the story. If you want to cut down on the video, you can use a thesaurus to add your own ideas to the thinking side and jump forward in the video to see what vocabulary Mrs C has chosen for each 'learning chunk'. You can then use the writing support sheet to complete your writing side and use the ideas from the boxes on your thinking sheet to complete your own sentences.  

Jane Considine's Live Lessons - The Secret of Black Rock - Sentence Lesson 5

Start the video at 20:00

Lesson 4 - Religion

Continuing with our theme of Islam, today we go on a tour of a Muslim's holy place of worship - a mosque and find out more about how these buildings are used and why they are at the centre of the Muslim community. Mosques are not just used for prayer and worship - but like churches - they are a place of religious education, special ceremonies and community events. Watch the video and work through the PowerPoint which identifies the different features inside a Mosque. Your task is to write sentences on the labelled diagram of a Mosque explaining what each feature is used for. Used the PowerPoint to help you. 

Story Time

Sit back and enjoy Chapter 4 of 'Beetle Boy' 

Beetle Boy - Chapter 4

Still image for this video

Don't forget to take photos and email a selection of your work to Mr Tatlow.