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Thursday 25th February

Lesson 1 - Maths

Today, we begin a new block of work in Maths on 'Measuring'. This lesson explores how to measure length using a ruler either in metres (m), centimetres (cm) or millimetres (mm). Have a look at your ruler on the scale which goes up in centimetres (cm), you should notice lots of little lines which divide up each number - each of these little lines is a millimetre (mm) and there are 10 mm in every 1 cm. There are 100 cm in 1 metre. Both groups need to follow the video carefully and complete the practise questions first before having a go at the activity sheet below. 

Measure length

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'How to make a Perfect Mud Pie' and answer the questions.  

Lesson 3 - English

Today, you will complete Plot Point 3 of 'The Lost Thing'. The thinking side sheet and writing support sheet are below. Work through the lesson in the same way as yesterday. 

Jane Considine's Live Lessons - The Lost Thing - Sentence Lesson 3

Lesson 4 - Art

This afternoon, you are going to have a go at creating a self-portrait to reflect your inner and outer self. Work through the PowerPoint which guides you through the lesson and shows examples of different self-portraits. You will need to think of some objects that reflect you to represent your inner-self and then use the instructions for drawing a portrait to help you create the outline - remember to draw faintly to start with, so you can easily rub out any mistakes (you may want to practise first). I look forward to seeing your masterpieces!

Story Time - Beetle Boy

Sit back and enjoy Chapter 23 of Beetle Boy with Mrs. Chesworth. 

Beetle Boy - Chapter 23

Still image for this video

Please e-mail a selection of your work this week to our class email address:


Will you be this week's Home-Learning stars of the week!