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Thursday 4th Feb

Phonics -

Please access the 2 videos for the correct set (see dojo message indicating correct set).


Reading - Please log on to Reading Planet (see dojo message) using your child's login. Here they can choose a book to read from their book band and answer the questions which go with it in their lined exercise book provided. 


English - Today's lesson is a chance for you to review your learning on question marks (?) and exclamation marks (!). You will be given some sentences and you have to decide does it need a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark, applying what you have learnt over the last few weeks. 

You can copy them into your book or do them directly on to the sheet.

If you have found this previously quite challenging, complete page 1 only (one star).

If you have found this previous learning ok and want a challenge, then complete pages 3-5 (2 stars).

I have counted the first page as 1, second as 2, and so on, so please ignore the numbers on the actual pages. 

All sheets are attached below along with the answers. 


Maths - Today you will be continuing with the new unit you started yesterday - Place Value (within 50).

Today's lesson is all about numbers to 50. 

Watch the video and complete the worksheet.


Science - This lesson is all about animal diets. Have a look at the PowerPoint together first. 

Then using the animal fact cards provided, sort them under the three headings: carnivores, herbivores and omnivores (provided below). Then once you have finished, record your answers in the table/record sheet provided below. 

Answers included.


All resources are attached below. 


I look forward to seeing some pictures of the work the children have completed. Please use the class email address:


Miss Roberts