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Thursday 4th February

Lesson 1 - Maths

In today's lessons you will be solving problems which involve subtracting money amounts. The calculations are represented using part-whole models, bar modelling and number lines and you can choose from these methods to solve worded problems. Both groups need to watch the video below which works through some examples and then you need to complete the activity sheet for your group. 

Both Groups - Subtract money

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'The Miracle at Knock' and answer the questions. 

Lesson 3 - English

Over the next two lessons in English, you are going to plan and write a story with the title 'Lost at the Fair'. Today, you will all plan your story using a story mountain. The problem is that your main character gets lost. First, you will need to choose where and how your main character gets lost and build the rest of the story around that problem. To help you think of some ideas, I have posted a video below which shows the sights and sounds of one of the UK's oldest fun fairs - the Nottingham Goose Fair. Then, follow the slides on the PowerPoint where I have included an example of a plan for my story. You will write your story tomorrow.

Nottingham Goose Fair - Day & Night - Sights and Sounds

Lesson 4 - Science

In this lesson, you are going to build on your learning around the human skeleton by identifying the scientific names for different bones. You need to complete Activity 1 first where you have a go at drawing what you think the human skeleton looks like followed by the skeletons of three different animals - answers are included below. After that, there is a PowerPoint to follow before you complete the second activity. When you have finished, there is a video clip to watch as well, which takes a closer look at a human skeleton. 

Story Time - Beetle Boy

Relax and enjoy chapter 14 of 'Beetle Boy' with Miss Seddon.

Beetle Boy - Chapter 14

Still image for this video

Don't forget to email Mr Tatlow some of your work from this week before tomorrow morning.


Will you be one of this week's 'Home-Learning' stars of the week?