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Tuesday 2nd March

Lesson 1 - Maths

Today, we continue exploring equivalent measurements focusing on mm and cm. You will use your knowledge that 1cm = 10mm to show the same measurements in cm and mm using bar modelling. You will also partition measurements in millimetres to work out their measurements in centimetres, e.g. 56mm = 50mm + 6mm or 5cm and 6mm. Both groups need to watch the video below which works through some examples before completing the activity sheet. 

Equivalent lengths (mm & cm)

Lesson 2 - Reading

We are continuing with the theme of instruction texts today. Read 'Stuck in the Mud Dice Game' and answer the questions. ​​​​​

Lesson 3 - English

'The Lost Thing' - Plot Point 6 - Complete plot point 6 using the thinking side and writing side support sheets below; working in the same way as you have in previous lessons.

The Lost Thing - Sentence Lesson 6

Lesson 4 - Religion

In today's lesson, you will continue to explore how Lent is celebrated and why it is important to Christians. You need to look at the information on the weblink and in the PowerPoint, which explain how Lent is a season for separating ourselves from making bad choices and focusing on doing good. Your task will be to create a foldable Lent wall chart with options you can select for prayer, fasting and giving during this season before Easter. Follow the instructions and use the templates provided - or if you do not have a printer at home - see if you can create your own. When you have finished, display it at home.