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Wednesday 10th February

Lesson 1 - Maths

In today's Maths lesson, you will explore how to understand the data shown by pictograms. Again - you need to look at the key to each pictogram carefully when interpreting what each chart is showing. This is the final recap lesson from Year 2. Both groups need to watch the video below and complete the activity sheet.  

Interpret pictograms

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'The Town of Egarim' and answer the questions. 

Lesson 3 - English

In today's lesson, you are going to focus on using adjectives and powerful verbs to do some descriptive writing of a landscape. You will use your senses to imagine what it might be like to explore the different places you will see and describe them. Follow the PowerPoint which includes examples and the success criteria for your writing. Remember you are just writing a description of the setting using your senses - you are NOT writing a story with characters and events. Activities for both groups including word banks to support your writing are below. Group 2 - if you fancy an extra challenge, then you can choose one of the other photos in the PowerPoint instead and write your own descriptive paragraph using your own choice of adjectives and powerful verbs.

Lesson 4 - Topic

In this lesson, you are going to learn about what famous Ancient Greek people did for us and how their discoveries changed the world. You will be introduced to famous philosophers, mathematicians and scientists from Ancient Greece such as: Archimedes, Aristotle and Pythagoras. First, explore the webpage on the link below and then work through the PowerPoint which gives you information about each of these famous figures. Your task will be to create at least two 'Top Trumps' style cards for these famous people. Full instructions are included in the PowerPoint.  


Log-in details are on Class Dojo. 

Story Time - Beetle Boy

Sit back and enjoy chapter 18 of 'Beetle Boy' with Miss Glover. 

Beetle Boy - Chapter 18

Still image for this video