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Wednesday 14th July

Good Morning everyone. We are half way through the week, and here is what is on Wednesday's menu...

A summary of today's lessons.

Still image for this video
I have added further videos to the final lesson I would like you to watch since recording this video.

Lesson 1 - Maths

In today's lesson, you will continue to apply everything you have learned about volume and capacity to add and subtract different volumes represented in different ways. Once again, there is a video to watch and work through first which talks you through examples of how to calculate these volumes and solve problems. Please complete your group activity sheet when you have watched the video.  Group 1 - If you do not have access to a printer at home. You may want to have a go at doing the activity practically using a measuring jug at home if you have one and adapt the volumes to suit the scale you are working with. 

Add and subtract capacity

Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'Friend Wanted' and answer the questions. 

Lesson 3 - English - Creative Writing Challenge

Today, I have set you a fun writing challenge where you can choose how you respond to the following video. Watch 'High Diving Giraffes', which shows a group of giraffes taking turns diving in to an Olympic sized swimming pool! You can then choose from one of the following options:

1) Write a news report about the event detailing what happened and how surprised workers at the pool were to see a group of giraffes.

2) You could write a new script and record yourself as a TV news reporter with BREAKING NEWS. Remember to answer the 5Ws - Who? What? Why? Where? When? You might want to use someone at home as an eye-witness and interview them!!!

3) Write a diary recount as if you were one of the giraffes. Use lots of descriptive vocabulary to describe sights, sounds and movements when diving. 

4) Write a short story which describes everything that is happening as if the divers were humans, and then reveal in the final sentence that they are in fact giraffes. For example, 'As each diver leapt from the board, the queue of talented athletes edged forward closer to the board for their turn. Spinning, rotating and stretching, each diver made beautiful shapes with their bodies as they plummeted to the deep water below. Splash!'

High Diving Giraffes

Lesson 4 - Religion/ PSHE

Our final topic in Religion is called 'God's People' and many of you have already started this with Mrs Bullock. Our next inspirational person we are going to learn about is Dr. Martin Luther King jr. Martin Luther King (MLK) is well-known for fighting for equal rights for black people, which is known as civil rights. You may remember me telling you the story in class a while ago about Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat on the bus for a white person and got arrested because she was black and was breaking the rules. Martin Luther King also grew up in America during this time when black people suffered lots of racist behaviour. White people and black people were not allowed to mix and had to use separate schools, churches, transport and other facilities. Martin Luther King thought this was wrong and risked his own life to protest against these rules to try and change them. He is remembered for his 'I have a dream' speech where he dreamed of a world where white people and black people would have equal rights and respect. His civil rights movement was successful in changing many laws and making the lives of black people much better.


Even though laws have changed, you may have seen in the news this week that racism is still a problem in the world today. This week, 3 of England's football players suffered racist bullying for missing goals in Sunday's final. When you have a go at the 'I have a dream' activity below, you might want to dream of a world where there is no racism in football and everyone treats each other with love and respect. Think about what lessons the world still needs to learn from what has happened this week. How do these messages of anti-racism link with the teachings of Jesus? Discuss these questions with someone at home. 


In this lesson, you are going to read the information below and watch the video links I have provided, and then have a go at the two activity sheets below.  


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: A Leader and a Hero

Martin Luther King: Dream on | BBC Teach

A woman remembers how, as a girl, she was taken by her father in 1963 to Washington to hear a man talk. This man was Martin Luther King, and he gave a speech which would help change the girl's life forever.

I have a dream - Martin Luther King and the March on Washington in full HD | Framepool

"I have a dream" - Martin Luther King hold his famous speech over 50 years ago on August 28 1963 in Washington DC on the greatest demonstration for freedom and equal rights in the history of the USA.

Marcus Rashford Mural - Withington, South Manchester

Once again, you know the drill...If you have any work you would like to share with me, please send it to me at our class email address: