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Wednesday 24th February

Lesson 1 - Maths

In today's lesson, we finish our work on Statistics by interpreting data that is shown in a table. You will see a range of different information presented in tables and will need to be able to understand the information shown to solve a range of problems. Both groups need to watch the video and then complete the activity sheet. 


Lesson 2 - Reading

Read 'The Mystery of the Missing Dog Biscuits' and answer the questions.

Don't forget you can also keep log-in to 'Read Theory' to read texts and answer questions at your level!

Lesson 3 - English

Today, you will complete Plot Point 2 of 'The Lost Thing'. If you did not watch the video of the film which tells the whole story from yesterday, then please go back and watch this. Use the thinking side sheet to collect your ideas and the writing support sheet below, which shows you the sentence structures you will be using in today's paragraph. To speed things up, you can jump forward in the video to collect Mrs. C's ideas at the end of each learning chunk and then use a thesaurus to add some of your own ideas as well.  

Jane Considine's Live Lessons - The Lost Thing - Sentence Lesson 2

Lesson 4 - Topic

In today's lesson, you will be finding out more about the different types of soldiers who fought in battles during the times of Ancient Greece. Have a look at the web link below which will give you lots of information and the profile cards for four different types of solider: hoplite, pisloi, peltast and calvary. Your task will be to choose two of the soldiers and produce a fact file or report about them using the information you have read. If you have a printer at home, you can print a picture of the soldiers you have chosen using the images below and use them in your piece of work as well. There is also a template and some support information below with how to write your report or fact file. You can be creative in the way you present this piece of work (you do not have to use the template at all). For example, you could do a mind-map with a picture of the soldier in the middle with different branches that give different sets of information - using sentences and bullet points, etc. I look forward to seeing them!   


Please use the log-in details posted on Dojo to attend the call with Mr Tatlow. 

Story Time - Beetle Boy

Sit back and enjoy chapter 22 of Beetle Boy!

Beetle Boy - Chapter 22

Still image for this video