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Week 3 Learning 13th April 2020

Week 3

Literacy - traditional tales choose a favourite story to work on.

Retell story in your own words, focus on repetitive story language, make speech bubbles for the characters, act out the stories, make puppets, make a book rewriting the story and drawing pictures - can you change the ending, the setting or a character  (websites - twinkl and sparklebox have resources to support lots of traditional stories).

Maths - Number doubling, use real objects and practice doubling numbers up to double 10. A doubling game is in the folders sent home.


Miss Donohue's group - oy toy for a boy 

Mrs Morrison's sound group - oo look at a book (short oo sound) 

Mrs MacFarlane sound group - consolidate cvcc (consonant vowel consonant consonant) words and ccvc words flashcard examples of these words are found in the folders sent home.

Some ideas, games and worksheets are below to help.