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At St Monica's we aim to embed a lifelong love of science within our children. Through a varied curriculum we provide opportunities for our children to develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas, processes & skills and how to relate these to everyday experiences. All children learn about ways of thinking and of finding out about and communicating ideas. Teachers plan and challenge children according to their needs and provide opportunities to explore values and attitudes through science. We provide our children with wider opportunities in science and make cross-curricular links to other subjects.

Egg Drop Challenge - Year 3&4 The children were given a challenge to protect an egg from breaking after it was dropped from a height of 3m. The children were challenged to use, make and assemble a protective structure to prevent the egg from breaking.

Electricity - Year 4 The children investigated a collection of objects to see which ones are electrical conductors and which ones are not.

Reception - Healthy Eating. The reception children enjoyed making and eating fruit kebabs and learnt all about the different fruits.

Reception have been planting, exploring what happens when you paint on ice, using colour blocks, experimenting with pretend snow and observing cress seeds.

The Reception children found a dinosaur egg in their nature area.

Stay & Investigate - Before Covid-19, throughout the school, we had a stay & investigate morning. Parents/grandparents were invited to take part in investigations with their children/grandchildren.

Reading Challenge - Throughout the school, the children were set a reading challenge where they read Science non-fiction books. They all had a 'Reading Passport' where they logged the books that they read. At the end of the reading challenge, they produced a piece of work based on one of the non-fiction books that inspired them the most.

Professor Brainstorm has been coming to our school for many years. He shares his enthusiasm and passion for science through his exciting experiments. Our children love to watch his shows and enjoy participating too.

Living Things and their Habitats - Mrs Hill and her family have been looking after a hedgehog that was slightly injured. She brought him and showed EYFS & KS1. She talked to us about his habitat and his diet. Mrs Hill has now released him back into the wild.

Magnet or Not? Reception children having fun exploring which objects are magnetic and which are non-magnetic and sorting them into two groups.